The Basics of Bad Credit Car Loans

Good credit is a luxury today but the majority of borrowers run into some trouble during various points of their credit history. And that’s okay. Even if you have limited or poor credit, car loans and financing arrangements are often still relatively easy to get. Let’s take a look at the phenomenon of poor credit. What Makes for Bad Credit? When you apply and are rejected for loans and other forms of finance, you quickly begin to get a clear picture of your credit score. Many things can contribute to a poor credit rating, including: – Missed payments – Many delinquent accounts at once – Late payments – Too many rejected applications And the list goes on and on. It might have been an Internet bill you just “let go” because you couldn’t pay it or it could have been a defaulted student loan. Whatever the reasons, you’ve realised that your credit is less than stellar. All of these factors contribute to your credit score, and potential lenders will look at your bottom line rating and the reasons for it and make a decision about whether or not to hand money to you. If you’ve got limited credit this can…


Why Do Men Pay More for Car Insurance?

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  • May 18, 2018
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There’s a surprising trend in the car insurance industry, and it is this: Men pay higher insurance premiums than women do. This curious fact becomes apparent when you look at statistics and see what the insurance companies are seeing. And while being an older man might lower your premium, it’s still going to be a higher rate than a woman of the same age would pay. Here’s why. The initial feeling is that some of it is because more men than women drive vehicles, but a closer look at the stats reveal that this isn’t the ONLY factor that causes the higher insurance premiums for men. 25 and under male drivers are hit the hardest by this fact. One insurance company – Cole Car Insurance – charges their male clients 25 and under twice as much as their 25 and under women drivers. What did the insurance company itself attribute the double rate to? Men file auto insurance claims on a much more frequent basis than women, as determined by the Royal Automobile Association. How many more claims were filed? A whopping 10,000 greater claims were filed by men, making insurance companies realize they might need to up their rates…


Your Next Big Truck: Buy or Lease?

New Truck buy or Lease

If you’re struggling to figure out whether it’s better to buy or lease your next big rig, you’ve come to the right place. Some businesses might even be trying to decide whether to buy or lease an entire fleet to kick off their new venture. Each business should consider a few key things before deciding on which finance option is right for them. Financing equipment for your business is one of the single most important decisions you will ever make and need never be rushed into. Australia has a fiercely competitive trucking industry, so your decision will have true impact on your bottom like. If You Buy When you buy a truck, you add it as an asset. It’s yours. That means you’re free to treat it how you will and it will eventually begin accruing equity over the years, adding to your flexibility in financing. This can mean the world when it comes to expanding your business when the time arrives. The GST input tax credit is one tax incentive for buying, but you’re going to lose 20% in resale value with a buying arrangement. Maintenance is also another big deal. Since you’ve purchased the vehicle, maintenance is entirely…